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Hi, I’m Rene Alberto. I am type designer in America. I also make a variety of creative materials for organizations, individuals, and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

currently accepting new projects
copyright © Rene Alberto

What do I mean by “creative materials”? Well, I designed and coded this and many other websites, created the font you’re reading right now, composed music for an Emmy winning documentary, and have taken hundreds of photos of my majestic dog Yoshi 👉

(seriously though, shoutout to Helping Hounds in Syracuse for bringing this dog into my life)

What else? I thought you’d never ask. I’ve been at this since 2005 so I’ll spare you the full portfolio and show you five of my favorites.

Yoshi the Dog

Ithaca Beer Co.

branding, print design, photos, videos, social

From March of 2014 until February of 2015 I redesigned the existing product line and all new brands. I came to the company in their 16/17th year so there was a lot of history to consider with each task, starting with a Flower Power overhaul. As a co-worker said, I jumped onto a moving train. The work was primarily print focused (three different packaging types per beer) with a lot of digital components (photo, video, web), and marketing materials (for the sales team, social media, etc.). Taproom merch received new designs in addition to new menus, apparel, and signage. I created a custom WordPress theme as well (since retired).

Ithaca Beer Co.
Ithaca Beer Co.


identity work

This Top Five entry is a bit of a cheat, as it contains various logos I’ve created over the past 15 years. Some are still in use, some are retired. Designing a logo might be one of my favorite tasks. The constraints are great to work with. An ideal logo needs to be beautiful in one color, scale perfectly, be as simple as possible without being boring, and be original as possible without being confusing. I’m proud to share the following designs that I helped create for a wide variety of clients.

good stuff by tyler finck
red newt racingk
woodstak by tyler finck

The Gym

logo, photos, web design + dev

Local fitness center owner Lara wanted a new look for her two locations. As a non-gym goer (well, former, now) it was a good chance for me to get some research in and meet some great new people. We started the new identity with a logo, obviously, as well as some merchandise design. Over several photo shoot sessions I created a library of images for use on the website, print materials, and social media. Then I designed and developed a simple custom WordPress theme utilizing Woocommerce for future merch options.

The Gym in ithaca
vector logo
mobile website
The Gym



Given the option, I’d rather point my camera at a person than anything else. I’ve taken a variety of headshots, environmental portraits, documented events/concerts, and even photographed a few weddings (although if you’re looking for that, my wife is the one you should contact). I rely mostly on natural light but will utilize an additional source if the location requires it. If you ask me to take a pet portrait, I’ll ask “your place or mine” and clear my schedule. I love taking photos, period. I'm now in the habit of posting some favorites on my Unsplash page, where they can be used freely for almost anything.

talib kweli cayuga sound
heather lane purity ice cream
dudes before a wedding
k.flay in ithaca


game design, packaging, photo, video, social, everything

A few years ago I set out with my future wife to make a party card game called ASSUMPTIONS. It had to be Kickstarted as I didn’t have enough cash on hand to produce 1000 physical copies. I’m happy to say that the campaign was successful, well beyond our goal. The project required a lot of pre-visualization, playtesting prototypes with various groups, creating a brand with a physical product that didn’t exist, and finding and hiring the exact right illustrator. We made two videos (the first one included animation and music composition). It was immensely fun and we were able to fund and quickly release an expansion pack was shortly after the game came out!

sample of cards
assumptions the game
assumptions expansion deck
assumptions expansion deck


I came to this city for a degree in film/photography/visual arts, graduated, and never left. I’m almost at the point where I’ve spent half of my life here (first half was in Maine). I’ve got strong opinions about where to go for coffee, food, fun, culture, and other stuff. I enjoy the higher-ed presence here because 1 that was me, half a lifetime ago 2 I’ve happily worked on graphic design projects for Cornell, and 3 I recently began teaching typography at Ithaca College.

I have a lot of love for this town and the people in it. I have fond memories of walking my son to school, taking a return route through a gorge with beautiful waterfalls, and grabbing coffee at a place around the corner from my apartment. All that before 9am. This place is great.

vector map of ithaca
ithaca's wildflower preserve
ithaca commons

Q + A

OK let's do this. Maybe you need answers, maybe there are questions you'd never think to ask. Here we go:
are you still designing typefaces?

Absolutely. I've released seven variable fonts as Etcetera Type Co and contribute regularly to the open source type community.

would you do product photography?

Good question! It depends on the product(s) and the images you're looking for. I won't do a studio setup of details at multiple angles. I do take lifestyle/in-context photos of products, for sure.

what's the story behind this photo here?

It's from 2013 on the summit of Giant Mountain in the Adirondacks (New York). The dog with me is a foster I had at the time named Jasmine. Giant is one of 46 high peaks that people check off in their quest to summit all of them. I have 39 to go 🙃

can I hire you to design and develop a custom WordPress theme?

I can, but I'd ask a few questions that might result in a different outcome. Do you absolutely need a content management system? Or would a beautifully functional one-page info site (like this) work? Or flat file CMS? Maybe your time, energy, and money could be better spent on a fresh logo, a typography overhaul, and new photography to go on a new website.

will you design me a reusable template?

Yes, but more importantly, I'd like to explain to you why the template looks and acts the way it does. Giving you a template without educating you in some of the design decisions would be a mistake. I'd also likely set you up in Figma and propose using open source type.

what are your rates?

I don't have an hourly rate, and the cost depends on your project. Custom logos, websites, and complex print pieces start at $1500. Commissioned typefaces start at $3000. A quick photoshoot starts at $200. A song? Maybe try my free instrumental releases first. All of these numbers only go higher from there, but that's the truth and I'm happy to be upfront about it 👍

Can I get some design consulting from you?

Yes, please. Having an experienced person (me) with fresh eyes on a project (yous) is something I love. You can take my advice, or not, no big deal. Consulting starts at $500 a day, and that might be all you need.

I was linked here for ______ but it isn't here and I can't find it.

That's not a question, but I believe you, and I apologize. Send me an email (see below if you're stuck. You can always try using Archive.org.

tyler and jasmine on giant mountain